What we do

  • Private lessons:
    Singing, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Music Kinder, Ear training, Modern Harmony
  • Workshops:
    Free Improv, Songs creation, Music Production, Sound Mapping
  • Services:
    Recording, Editing, Production, Mixing and Mastering
  • Delivery:
    Covers, Songwriting, Original music for Jingles, Radio, TV and Theatre Plays

About us

K0 Studio is a music academy and production studio and  that adapts to your musical needs and tastes. We're located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we aren't restrained by geography and we can develop projects that

More about us



Kuámasi – Curumos

This double album was entirely composed, performed, arranged, recorded and premixed in k0 Studio. The album mixing was done by John Guarenas and the mastering by Andrecho Sequea


Baires Cantautores

This is the final product of a competition in Buenos Aires, Argentina called Festival Baires Cantautores, the songwriters received a full song production sponsored by k0 Studio