About Us

K0 Studio is a music academy and production studio and  that adapts to your musical needs and tastes.

We’re located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we aren’t restrained by geography and we can develop projects that can be worked entirely online.

Anything you might need from music will be attended with the greatest diligence and speed you require, do not hesitate to go through our portfolio and see some of the things we’ve done.

Welcome to our K0 Studio! Feel free to browse our portfolio, just click here

Rosángela Pérez Molero

Rosángela Isabel Pérez Molero, artist, violinist and music teacher was born in the city Maracaibo located in Venezuela, in 1995. At age six she began her violin musical studies in Madrid and continued them in Maracaibo within the Venezuelan Orchestras System (Sistema de Orquestas de Venezuela). She completed tertiary studies in musical composition at the Ars Nova School of Music in Caracas. Rosángela began in the violin's academic world and then opened to her path towards jazz and experimental music, merging free improvisation with live performance.
In 2016 he moved to Buenos Aires to study the degree in Music Therapy at the University of Buenos Aires. She graduated from the Composition Workshop of the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory, directed by Maestro Ricardo Capellano.
She works as a violinist for "Segundo Mundo" (Klezmer music) and "Del Siervo" (electro-experimental music). Founding member of the duo "Moiras" (piano and violin) which is her main composition project.
She teaches violin and musical initiation and she's the creator of the Free Improvisation Workshop "Sound Object" (Objeto Sonoro).

Kuámasi González Vidal

Kuámasi was born in Caracas, Venezuela, he's living in Buenos Aires since 2016. He graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela (Literature and Symbology), Pedro Nolasco Colon School (Music Theory), MaxiEstudios (Live Sound), Fundación Nuevas Bandas (Music Management). He took private music lessons with: Álvaro Segura, José Antonio Fernández, Rosángela Pérez, etc.

He works professionally as a singer, guitar player, vocal coach, composer, arranger, producer and teacher. He's a founding member of Silfo, Autopista Sur and Los Humanoides, and he's worked with Cerouno, Kid Navajas, Kung Fu Club, Del Pez, Rafael Rico, Vltravioleta, Tan Frío el Verano. He is currently playing with El Otro Borges (EOB) and his solo project, self-titled Kuámasi.

Also had work as a producer, composer and instrumentalist for jingles, theatre plays, podcasts and other multimedia projects.