What we do

  • Music Academy and Workshops
  • Composition, Arrangements, Transcriptions
  • Recording, Editing, Production, Mixing and Mastering
  • Jingles, Radio, TV and Theatre Plays Original Music

About us

With many years of individual experience in music (creation, production and teaching), we have joined forces to form K0 Studio, a recording, music production studio and academy that adapts to your musical needs and tastes. We're

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Latest works


Kuámasi – Curumos

This double album was entirely composed, performed, arranged and recorded in k0 Studio. The album mixing was done by John Guarenas and the mastering by Andrecho Sequea


Yiste’s Video Shoot

The breakthrough Venezuelan photographer Yiste, now living in Buenos Aires, asked us for original pieces of music for his video shoot Instagram posts.


Rosángela – Tonada del Sereno

Written, recorded and produced by Rosángela Pérez in k0 Studio.
Mixing and mastering were provided to enhance this delicate piece of folk music.

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